Why did they fail?

I can’t begin to count the number of failed or failing businesses that I’ve talked to over the years.  Nearly all of them started with lofty goals and aspirations only to later find themselves buried in debt, losing hope, and completely confused.  “This isn’t how it was supposed to go.” is a common sentiment.  In one area or another, each of those failed businesses had made a fatal mistake that likely doomed them long before they ever realized it.  Sometimes, they had a bad product.  Either it was poor quality, overpriced or both.  Other times, the products and pricing were great but the site was ineffectively marketed so consumers never found it to see the better offering.  There are many other reasons that attribute to a site failing to become a successful money machine but they all seem to have one thing in common.  A lack of effective planning for each stage of the business development will lead to a business “death”.  If even one aspect is left out, the business will struggle along until it is fixed or it destroys itself.  Seeing these common failures repeated over and over again by numerous clients on multiple web platforms, with various products, skill sets, and goals is what really inspired me to become involved in eCommerce training.

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