External Business Blog Examined Part 1

There are many different types of blogs online.  Some function as an online journal for the writer while others serve to educate and inform readers on a particular topic.  They can be short, long, copied, original, effective, useless, internal or external.  Let’s start with the basics of what an external business blog is and how it can be used effectively.  First of all, this content that you are reading right now is an external business blog.

Here’s what’s going on:

  1. It’s hosted on a separate web address than the site it serves to promote.
  2. It uses anchor text to increase the link popularity of the promoted site.
  3. The content is original.  I didn’t copy and paste from anywhere else on the internet.
  4. It’s long enough to get credit from the search engines as being substantial.
  5. It uses Relevant Categories and Tags to link it to other content and blogs.
  6. An image is paired with the article using the same words from the anchor text as the file name.  Ex. anchor_text.png.
  7. It’s shared across the social media sites for http://www.ecommerceadviceclub.com.
  8. It’s available through a “Blog” link on the promoted website.

If some or all of that didn’t make sense right away, don’t worry.  There’s a lot there and it takes some time to understand completely.  This blog is intended to provide a glimpse into the inner workings of an effective blog post.  We’ll dig into more detail soon.  Follow this blog so that you can stay in the loop or schedule a session for a one-on-one with specific advice for your site.

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