For the love of God, fix your social media connection buttons.

I’m sorry but I’ve got to rant.  Social Media is great.  I’m a firm believer in using appropriate social media profiles to build  an organic following for your site.  The idea of social media marketing is that people find your content on social media and follow over to your website and make a purchase.  The “idea” is also that they can find your site through other means (search engine, word of mouth, etc.), decide that they love it and begin following you on their preferred social network.  Here’s the problem… 90% of “professionally developed” sites I consult with have never linked the buttons to your social media sites.  Do it! Ask them to do it! Please don’t make me click on another social media connection button and see the images below one more time, I’m going to pull out my remaining hair.  These social buttons are super easy to set up.  They allow your customer base to keep in touch with you and likely return for additional purchases.  I’m sorry if you were unaware that this has been broken on your site for months.  I’m sorry if your developer couldn’t be bothered to complete your site correctly.  When you’re competing with millions of other websites out there, details matter.  Explore your site often.  Look for links that don’t work.  Have a friend, coworker, family member go to your site and give you their opinion.  Fix the details.  Rant over.not found.png

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