4 Easy Steps to Jumpstart your eCommerce Marketing for (nearly) FREE

By now, you’ve figured out that the internet is full of gurus, trainers, consultants and coaches who are really just salesmen with some technical knowledge.  Everything you are told to do involves spending money and having someone else do the work for a premium.  The mission of eCommerce Advice Club is to empower site owners with knowledge, tools and training so that they can do the work themselves for a minimal cost.  For that reason, we’ll be covering 5 ways that many online businesses can take advantage of to get the ball rolling.

  1. Setup social media profiles for your business on the most appropriate platforms.  Facebook and Twitter seem to be a good fit for most any business while LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc may or may not be depending on your product.  If you don’t know which are appropriate, look at other companies in your industry and see where they are focusing.  You’ll want to begin this step by having a company logo that you you’re happy with and some digital media that you can use (legally) for banners and the like.  I see people put this off and delay this step for so long when it’s so simple and completely free.  Take a few hours and start all of them that you will use.  Building a following doesn’t happen overnight so you’ll want to start right away.  As a side note DO NOT buy social media followers.  They aren’t real people and they won’t engage your content.  Doing so will guarantee low engagement ratings which is what social media networks use to determine how many of your followers to show your content to.
  2. Create an EXTERNAL blog site.  Most eCommerce Platforms will have a blog included.  Don’t use it.  We’re going to usethat blog to increase your site’s link popularity.  You can still put a link to it in your menu so that visitors to your site can access the content.  Personally, I recommend WordPress.com.  You can use their free plan but purchase your own domain. The cost of your domain is the reason I put (nearly) in the title.  You can probably find one for under $12. I recommend something short, easy to remember and relevant to your niche with no numbers.  For more detail on creating a blog site, check out this article.  Link your blog site to all of the social media accounts that you set up in step #1.
  3. Tell everyone you know about your business.  This means inviting your friends to like follow your social media accounts, talking to them about it when you see them, calling old friends who you think can help your business be a success.  If you are scared or embarrassed to talk about your company, don’t expect anyone else to care about it either.  A handful of friends who take an interest in your success can help you tremendously by connecting you with people who want your products.  Ask them to share your awesome blog content through social media.  The average person has 338 Facebook friends.  One of them surely needs your product or service.
  4. Keep focused and be patient.  Despite what most of the salespeople trainers online tell you, success will not happen instantly.  You will have days that you want to quit.  Keep your head down, be consistent and watch your snowball grow into a mountain of clients.



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