Ecommerce- Going Solo

There seem to be two tracks that most eCommerce entrepreneurs take when starting their business.  Group one is the crowd who see an advertisement for an online business opportunity, enroll in a training program and develop a business using the methods they are taught.  This group struggles to be successful because typically, the training programs are designed to squeeze every penny out of the students rather than focusing on helping to create a viable business.  The second group is on the other side of the spectrum.  These are the entrepreneurs who have come up with an idea that may involve a new product that they created or a new distribution for a product that has only been in brick and mortar stores in the past.  This group tends to jump into online selling and learn on the fly as they try to put their website together.  Both of these groups have something in common: they are flying solo.  While the first group has “coaches” or “trainers,” they are not interested in the business’ success and thus the client doesn’t have an ally.  While there is tons of information available online, it can take many months or even years of focused training in order to have a decent understanding of the big picture behind eCommerce.  If you are serious about creating a business that can generate thousands of dollars a month in the near term, it seems reasonable to invest some money into making that happen.  As you will soon find out if you haven’t already, there are plenty of salespeople ready and willing to take your “investment.”  Without a good understanding of the industry, your business’ specific needs, and appropriate prices, it’s easy for very intelligent people to make mistakes that cost them thousands with zero recourse.  It is for this very reason that Ecommerce Advice Club was created.  Whether you belong to group one or two, or somewhere in between, you can save yourself a ton of money but enlisting a knowledgeable consultant to help you plan your business, create your website, optimize your SEO, market your website, generate great content, and fulfill your orders.

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