Scams Abound in the Growing eCommerce Industry

With trillions of dollars spent online each year, there is money to be made in eCommerce.  While there are countless schemes to steal personal information, credit card numbers or otherwise defraud individuals online, what I see most commonly is con artists “selling” get rich quick schemes and programs.    To me, these are some of the worst crooks out there because they skirt the legal system by scamming people into buying expensive training, websites, LLC creation services, drop shipping networks, etc.  Clients are then hustled into buying an endless series of “must have” services to get their website to be profitable.  Unfortunately, that promise is never delivered and the victims are left with staggering debt from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand.  Because I regularly consult with individuals who have recently started their online business, I hear the horror stories first hand.  Veterans, retirees, widows, stay-at-home moms are among the victims along with those who are working 9-5 and trying to provide another income source for their families.  While the companies committing these scams are usually pretty good about dodging refund requests, they are not without weaknesses.  Online scammers can only survive as long as their victims keep quiet about how they conduct business.  Once scam victims report what is going on, they can help prevent others from making the same mistakes and getting hoodwinked.  If you believe you have been a victim of an eCommerce scam, please take a moment to report them.  Your personal information will be kept confidential but the information will be used to help prevent others from doing business with companies who are ripping people off.

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