Buying Facebook Fans

There’s nothing that says legitimate company like having 5,000 Facebook Fans on your business page; or at least that’s what some people seem to believe.  While a large social media following is a good signal of a marketing funnel that is working well, padding your numbers by buying fans is of no benefit.  Remember, the entire point of having Facebook Fans is that you can re-market to a group of people efficiently to increase the sales you make.  If some blog you read telling you not to isn’t enough to convince you, let’s look at some hard evidence.  First of all, let’s say that you have 100 real fans.  Whenever you post something, Facebook will show it to a sampling of your fans to see how they react.  Based on the reaction of a small sample, they will show your content in the feed of other fans.  If the handful of people engage (like, comment, share) at a high rate, they will show you content to more people.  If everyone just scrolls on past your post, they won’t show it to very many more fans.  It’s easy to see how this concept will play out with your 100 real fans who liked your page because they like you and/or your company.  Now we’ll imagine that you bought 900 fake Facebook Fans to go with your 100 real fans.  They aren’t going to engage with your content, and you will instantly have an engagement rate of 1/10 of what you would have with just real fans.  Now, your real fans will seldom see any content that you publish and you will continually struggle to build up a large, organic fan base.  If you’re going to be successful at Social Media Marketing, don’t take shortcuts.  The system will penalize you and you will only hurt your business in the long run.  Questions?  Post in the comments below.  Oh, and if you’ve enjoyed or benefited from the content here, give us a share on your favorite social media platform.

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