Keyword Selection for eCommerce

There are many important decisions to be made in creating, branding, and marketing an eCommerce site but none so important as selecting keywords.  They are the target at which all of your marketing efforts and budget are directed.  To begin, you will want to brainstorm on the broad terms that describe your product or service.  Using Google’s keyword research tool, you can compile lists of hundreds or even thousands of potential keywords.  Each of these keywords will be matched with both competition levels as well as search volume.  I recommend downloading each list into Excel or Google Sheets and filtering them by these criteria.  While there is a relationship between the competition level and the search volume, you will find that some keywords are a better “value” than others.  Now comes the tricky part.  You’re staring at hundreds of keywords related to your products but some are a better fit than others.  The best guideline I can give is to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer.  What would they type into a search engine if they wanted to find the type of products you offer?  Consider that your customers are likely not as educated on your product as you are.  They may used different names for the same product.    As an example, I worked with a client who builds and sells cornhole boards.  We found that many people searched for cornhole boards but others who were not familiar with them searched for things like “beanbag toss game” and “cornbag game”.  The volume was less than “cornhole” but he had virtually no competition and was able to achieve first page results in a couple weeks and increased his sales while he continued pursuing high ranking for more common keywords.  If your need assistance selecting your keywords, get ecommerce advice from a professional.  “Saving” money by doing this step incorrectly alone will cost your dearly in the long run in low conversion rates, and likely result in business failure.

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