Why get help with eCommerce

As the owner of eCommerce Advice Club, I often deal with two types of clients; those who are just starting and think spending $50 a month for advice, training, and counsel is an unnecessary cost that they can’t afford  and those who have been working at their eCommerce business for 3+ months who would pay hundreds a month if they could just go back and prevent from making mistakes that cost them many thousands.  As an entrepreneur myself, my goal is to provide far more value than cost.  When I talk to people who have spent thousands on outdated SEO methods, low converting sites, ineffective marketing methods, and outright scam “eLearning Schools”, it is easy to show the value of getting professional advice from someone who isn’t selling anything.  For this reason, we provide eCommerce Scam Reporting to keep members updated on the latest scams, offending companies, and their methods.

Our goal therefore, is to intercept people before they make costly mistakes so that they can be equipped with the knowledge and tools that will make them most successful.  There are many automated tools online like articles and videos which offer information but by nature, it is not specific to a particular business and there just isn’t a one size fits all approach to eCommerce Marketing, Web 2.0 Marketing, Business Development, and Modern SEO.

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