Web 2.0 Marketing

You may have heard or read the term “Web 2.0 Marketing” when researching ways to increase your website’s SEO, link popularity, traffic, etc.  While there are a few companies out there providing this service for clients, many people don’t truly understand what all is involved.  Simply put, Web 2.0 Marketing is a 1-2 punch that makes the Search Engines take notice of your site.  When you begin building a website, it has no popularity, traffic, recognition, authority.  You’re starting from scratch.

Let’s back up for a minute and cover one very important aspect: How do search engines determine which websites to list at the top of their results as opposed to lower down?  I’ll wait while you construct the best answer you can.  The truth is, there are a lot of things that go into that decision.  First, your website needs to follow the “Webmaster Guidelines”. If you don’t build your website the way search engines “like” then you’ll be going uphill on everything else you do.  The next biggest thing that search engines will used to determine your rank is your “link popularity.”  This aspect is based on the number of other places online that are linking to your site and how popular those sites are themselves.  

Web 2.0 Marketing takes advantage of this and maximizes the links to your site from authority sites as well as providing an avenue to build keyword specific links without relying on external sources.

Here’s how that works.

Step #1.- Intelligent Press Release– This is basically just a news article that’s written about your business describing who you are, what you’re selling, why you’re there and some fluff that’s chock full of keywords. It can help give buyers confidence to move forward with their order on your site but more importantly, it includes a link to your website right within the article.  Because of this, the distribution of the article is extremely important.  I’ve seen distributions available to 12 sources all the way up to 90,000 that remain online anywhere from 30 days to “until the zombie apocalypse”.  Of course, the cost of the different distributions vary but so does the value.  Imagine what kind of impact your website would see from having 90k authority media sources linking to your site would have.  Then compare the effects on your business between having it disappear in 30 days vs remain online indefinitely.  The reason that this is so effective is that the search engines crawl the entire internet and “read” the content.  They will find your article in thousands of places online, follow the link and assume that your site must be important if so many websites are linking to it.

Step #2.- External Business Blog- Unlike many blogs you may see online that simply provide information on the site, this type of blog has a specific purpose and does it really well.  As you will see with this very blog that you’re reading right now, it must be at a different URL than the website it is promoting.  (Follow the link above for an example).  It will use a targeted keyword as “anchor text” to direct to the promoted site.  What happens from here is that the search engines “read” the content; just as they did with the press release and you score points for that keyword.

Step #3. – Social Media Lead Funnel- As though it wasn’t enough to build links in mass with an Intelligent Press Release and build keyword specific links on a daily basis with the External Business Blog, the whole thing is tied into appropriate social media networks so that the blog content can be found in more places, read by more people, and seen as an authority site which further boosts the effectiveness of the entire system.

As always, feel free to comment below or book a session with us at Ecommerce Advice Club.

If you’re looking to hire someone to provide web 2.0 marketing services for you, talk to us before you buy.  We don’t provide the services ourselves but operate an eCommerce Scam Reporting center and know the companies who do good business and the ones that rip people off.

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