Grassroots Marketing Campaign

Congrats! You got an order.  You box it up, print your shipping label and send it off and the process is over… Or is it?

Now that you found someone who likes your product enough to trade it for some of their hard earned cash, make the most of it.  The picture above is an example of 2 sides of a postcard that can be included with your product.

The concept is simple: Your customer receives their item with an invitation to show it off on social media to all their friends in exchange for a discount on their next purchase.  Be sure to include your social media account links and a unique #hashtag to link them all together.

It’s a simple win-win for you and your customers.  They get a steep discount on their next purchase.  You get free advertising to all of their friends and followers (who likely have similar interests). You also get a higher likelihood that they’ll buy from you again and again.

Use this guide to create your own “grassroots marketing campaign”, schedule a time to get some assistance with eCommerce Advice Club, or outsource it to a professional.

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